I won’t delve into the full background, but the motivation for posting about the books I read on the internet is in large part medical. I’ve played contact sports for years and took a blow to the head. ┬áMy eyes have been tested and are perfectly fine on most tests. My brain, however, does not process the visual information my eyes provide it as it should and as a result the world often appears heavily distorted. ┬áLike an old cartoon where things appear in snippets. It is horribly uncomfortable. A neuro-opthamologist prescribed only one thing: reading.

In an attempt to follow Doctor’s orders I’m setting about reading and reading, for me, all the time. As with all programs, it is only a success if you do it. This blog is an attempt to hold myself accountable.

I don’t imagine anyone will read this, but if so please feel free to provide a comment or recommendation. I mainly read non-fiction, but lately have been venturing more towards fiction and non-fiction that is more oriented towards ideas, less so histories that consist of people and dates listed in chronological order. I have a hard time wading through fiction, so suggestions are welcomed!

I’m an early thirties Canadian male. If it matters.